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Based in Los Angeles, California, USA
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Hey There!

     I'm Adam Levy. I've been in the film industry since 2009. I started out my career as a Production Assistant at DreamWorks Animation on "How to Train Your Dragon." From there I worked my way up to production coordinator on a few more DreamWorks films (Puss in Boots, MegaMind, Turbo).  During my time at DreamWorks, I taught myself Maya, in order to learn how to animate and run cloth and hair simulations. 

     After gaining enough experience at DreamWorks, I took my skills up to Canada to work on "Jack the Giant Slayer" as a Character FX artist.  After my short stint in Canada, I moved back to Los Angeles to work for Walt Disney Animation, where I have been since 2012. 

     Since being at Disney, I have worked on 3 academy award winning films (Frozen, Big Hero 6 and Feast). Not only have I done artist work at Disney, but have also helped lead teams, as well as mentor and teach new artists who enter the studio in the Character TD department.

      Besides the work I have done at Disney, I have also Developed/Executive Produced a series for the web (Traif: An Unkosher Series), as well as Directed and Developed 3 short films with Disney to possibly go in front of one of their feature films. In 2014, I also went to UCLA and received a certificate in Screen Writing from their Professional Program.


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